How Kratom Saved Me From Alcoholism, And The Science Which Proves That Kratom Reduces Alcohol Consumption

Up to the age of 18 I never did alcohol, but that instantly changed when I went to college. On the very first night in the dormitory I got completely drunk. After that I would only drink once a week on Friday night, although on that one night alone I would drink more than 10 drinks, which is serious binge drinking. Eventually I began to drink on both Friday night and all day Saturday.

After that things spiraled downhill. I began to drink Sunday, even though I had classes the next day and drinking only made my life harder. Then I began to do toasty Tuesdays and thirsty Thursdays, and before long I was drinking every single night. Eventually, I began to drink during the days too, which was exacerbated by the fact that I was living in a fraternity and there were always people to drink with 24/7.

I began to choose drinking over classes, and was never sober anymore. I was in such a blur that I didn’t realize how badly alcohol was ruining my life and my potential.

Fortunately, I developed an interest in ethnobotanicals, and after lots of research I discovered Kratom and ordered some. I was blown away at how relaxing and euphoric it was. Essentially, alcohol may be highly euphoric for a few hours, but it always ended up in hangovers and not feeling so good. Kratom gave me very pleasant feelings for the entire day with just one dose, unlike alcohol where I had to continuously drink, which was not pleasant. Also, there was no hangover from Kratom.

That being said, I did not plan on quitting drinking, since it was the centerpiece of my social life. However, as I began to use Kratom daily I found that drinking alcohol was no longer fun. There was barely any euphoria from alcohol, and when I did drink even a little it made me nauseous.

Within about a month of starting Kratom I got to the point where I could not drink at all anymore, and was much happier just taking Kratom once a day without drinking any alcohol.

Essentially, Kratom had completely defeated my alcoholism without me even wanting to quit alcohol. It was truly a miracle cure.

Aside from my subjective experience, there is science to back up Kratom’s anti-alcoholism effects. In one study scientists found that Kratom reduced alcohol intake in mice. In another study scientists determined that Kratom reduces alcohol induced dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens of the brain. Essentially, Kratom reduces the pleasure from alcohol consumption, which decreases the rewarding and re-enforcing properties of alcohol.

In both studies the scientists conclude that this data is proof that Kratom can be used to combat alcoholism.

Therefore, Kratom is a miracle plant for alcoholics. Alcohol kills 3.3 million people every year worldwide, or over 9,000 people every day, aside from all the lives destroyed via alcohol causing people to lose their jobs, lose their homes, or lose their families. Subjective and empirical evidence suggests that Kratom has the potential to reduce the global death and destruction caused by alcohol, since every alcoholic who switches to Kratom is potentially a life that is saved.

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