Growing Kratom And Hemp Video Part 1

This is part 1 of a series of videos on my Kratom and Hemp growing experiment, which has been featured in previous articles on Kratom Cafe and the Hemp & CBD Herald.

In this video I explain what I’ve done to make the Kratom tree thrive, including building a greenhouse to enhance heat and humidity levels, using a steamer to bring the humidity to 100% since Kratom trees require tropical levels of humidity, and using a 24 hour 1,200 W grow light.

Also, I explain how I’ve used hay and coffee grounds to fertilize the Kratom tree, and how I tried a little Miracle Gro and it ended up not being a good idea. Additionally, I explain the importance of just watering once every 2-3 days, and not watering every day.

Also, I detail the evolution of the Kratom tree so far. It was fairly healthy when I first received it, but now it is really flourishing, with new branches taking shape, and in general the entire tree is becoming more lush with leaves. In-fact, usually 2-4 new leaves grow everyday.

Beyond that, I explain how I grew the Hemp plants from seeds, and how sometime soon I will need to build an enclosure in order to initiate flowering.

Stay tuned on the Kratom Cafe Youtube Channel, where further videos about the Kratom and Hemp grow will be posted, in addition to experience report videos about what it is like to chew the fresh leaves, to grind up and smoke the dried leaves, and what it’s like to make tea from the leaves.

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