Green Maeng Da Kratom Experience Report

Today I received a kilo of Green Maeng Da Kratom from Amazing Botanicals, and this article contains a minute by minute experience report about what it is like to take this Kratom. I have been using Kratom for a decade and I’ve personally tried dozens of strains, so I will be able to judge how this Green Maeng Da stacks up relative to other types of Kratom.

First off, I’ve been taking the same batch of Bali Kratom once a day for months now, since it is a really potent batch. The Bali that I have been taking and this new batch of Green Maeng Da are the same color, which is a really good sign because it means this Green Maeng Da has the color of high quality Kratom.

I then smell the Kratom, and it smells extremely fresh and potent. In-fact, this may be the freshest smelling Kratom that I’ve had in years. Years ago I used to get kilos directly from Indonesia, and that’s what this kilo smells like.

Notably, I haven’t taken Kratom in well over 24 hours, so I am starting from baseline.

T+ 0 I take 3 level teaspoons via toss n wash with orange juice. The Kratom is more bitter than I am used to, which may be a good thing since it probably indicates a higher alkaloid content.

T + 8 minutes Noticing the first hint of euphoria, and this hint of euphoria is quickly turning into a surge of euphoria. I was really stressed and fatigued before, but now smiling ear to ear and really calm.

T + 11 minutes Music sounds more awesome than usual right now

T + 16 minutes There was this feeling of sedation for a few minutes, and then that suddenly transitioned into opioid warmth, a feeling which is now increasing. Simultaneously, my head space became much more clear, like my eyes were opened. Another way to put it is I’m suddenly more focused, articulate, and energetic.

T + 40 minutes I have a nice feeling of happiness and stimulation combined with opioid warmth. Perfect balance for working. My fatigue and stress is totally gone.

T + 55 minutes This is the perfect feeling of calmness and mellowness. Another way to put it is I feel quite serene, and the whole world just feels friendlier.

T + 60 minutes Opioid warmth really surging now. Very cozy feeling. Strong analgesia, I have zero aches nor any pain.

T + 70 minutes I ate a tortilla with some cheese melted on it and the effects went to the next level. I feel incredible. Indeed, I often find that eating ramps up the effects of Kratom.

T + 77 minutes Really powerful euphoria. In-fact, this is the strongest Kratom euphoria possible based on my decade of experience.

T + 200 minutes Effects have been steady and enjoyable. I feel uplifted and relaxed, and have zero stress and fatigue, and also very motivated to do work.

Overall this Green Maeng Da Kratom from Amazing Botanicals is highly potent and fresh, and is actually the freshest Kratom that I’ve had in years. It comes on fairly quickly and then lasts a very long time, and at the dose I took it has a perfect balance of opioid effects and stimulation, making it optimal for work. Indeed, there is some sedation, but just the right amount so I am really relaxed but I don’t need to lay down. I think next time I will try 4 level teaspoons, since this Kratom clearly has the potential to provide a powerful relaxing/sedating experience if taken in a high enough dose.

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