Google Is Trashing Kratom’s Reputation By Only Showing Negative Information About Kratom From The FDA And Big Pharma; Kratom Warriors Need To Work Together To Stop Google Censorship

One of the most frustrating things about explaining Kratom to your friends and family is that you can spend a long time telling them your personal Kratom story, in addition to explaining the science which proves that Kratom is safe and effective, and in the end they may still have an anti-Kratom stance, especially since if they Google Kratom a ton of negative information about Kratom comes up.

Indeed, below are screenshots of the top page of search results on Google for Kratom. The top search results are from Big Pharma sponsored websites like MayoClinic and WebMD, as well as government agencies like the FDA and the DEA. The one thing in common among all of these top search results for Kratom is that they make Kratom look addictive, dangerous, and deadly.

Suspiciously, the first positive search result about Kratom, which is a study from Johns Hopkins University that found that Kratom has low potential for abuse or harm, is buried on the 2nd page.

It is quite obvious that Google is outright censoring the tremendous amount of science which shows that Kratom is safe and effective, in addition to censoring the mountain of online testimonials about how Kratom has saved lives. There is no doubt that if Google wasn’t intentionally censoring Kratom information, then some positive information about Kratom would appear on the 1st page.

Ultimately, what Google is doing is literally leading to death and suffering, by scaring people away from Kratom that could have had their life saved if they tried Kratom, as well as by increasing the chances that Kratom won’t be able to stay legal, since regulators and politicians are likely to be swayed by the Google search results to vote against Kratom.

Considering the gravity of this situation, where Google censoring Kratom information is literally leading to death and suffering, the Kratom community should organize a campaign to get Google to stop censoring Kratom information. Regardless of the reasons why Google is censoring Kratom information, which likely has something to do with Google’s intimate ties to the government, certainly if Kratom users show Google that Kratom is saving lives by telling their real-life stories, then Google would stop the censorship, and would allow positive Kratom information on the 1st page of search results.

Stay tuned, because Kratom Cafe will be organizing a campaign in the coming days to end Kratom censorship on Google.

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