Ginger Quickly Relieves Any Kratom Related Nausea, And In General Is A Good Addition To Kratom

Ginger, which has the scientific name Zingiber Officinale, is one of the best herbs to take with Kratom. First off, Ginger provides a warm, spicy, and uplifting feeling, and this can enhance a Kratom experience.

Perhaps more importantly, taking Kratom can sometimes cause nausea especially in large doses, mostly due to the powdery and bitter nature of Kratom. Anytime I have gotten some nausea from taking Kratom I have found that Ginger instantly gets rid of the nausea. Literally, in less than one minute Ginger can completely eliminate Kratom related nausea.

There have been numerous scientific studies on why Ginger provides anti-emetic, i.e. anti-nausea effects. Apparently Ginger accomplishes this via breaking down and expelling intestinal gas, as well as by interacting with serotonin receptors in the nervous system to reduce the body’s response to nausea. Indeed, Ginger has been found to be even stronger than the sea sickness pill Dramamine for preventing nausea.

Beyond the anti-nausea effects of Ginger, Ginger also acts as an anti-inflammatory and can decrease swelling according to scientific studies, and therefore can enhance the pain relieving properties of Kratom.

There are many ways to take Ginger. My favorite way to take Ginger is Gins Gins candy, which is basically a candy that contains Ginger extract. Beyond that, candied Ginger root is also a great option.

Plain Ginger root works really well too, although plain Ginger root should be prepared into a tea using milk and honey, which is super delicious.

If you can’t access any of these other options, powdered Ginger root is also effective and it is available at every grocery store. I’ve found that mixing Ginger root powder with cinnamon and hot water makes for a delicious drink that quickly relieves any Kratom related nausea.

Thus, Ginger can instantly get rid of any Kratom related nausea, and it may enhance the pain relieving properties of Kratom as well via being an anti-inflammatory, in addition to Ginger being warm, spicy, pleasant, and mood lifting in general.

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