Doctors Are Pushing For Kratom Users To Be ‘Treated’ With The Highly Addictive And Dangerous Synthetic Opioid Buprenorphine, Which Seems To Be An Attempt By Big Pharma To Tarnish Kratom’s Reputation And Simultaneously Get Kratom Users Hooked

Suboxone is a medicine that is typically only used for treating addictions to dangerous and deadly opioids like Heroin, Oxycodone, and Fentanyl. Suboxone itself contains Buprenorphine, which is a highly addictive and dangerous synthetic opioid, and also Naloxone, a powerful opioid antagonist which blocks the effect of synthetic opioids. Suboxone itself has many drawbacks, including depression, severe physical addiction, and a high potential for relapse, and most people who use Suboxone do not end up succeeding in becoming sober. Despite that, doctors continue to use Suboxone as a primary treatment for opioid dependence, and this is actually fanning the flames of the Opioid Pandemic, because Suboxone does not stop opioid addiction.

Shockingly, doctors are now pushing for Kratom users to be ‘treated’ with Suboxone. Essentially, the FDA and Big Pharma have been branding Kratom as a dangerous and deadly opioid for years despite the fact that Kratom has never caused a scientifically proven death in history and has low addiction potential. Due to the FDA/Big Pharma smear campaign, numerous doctors now believe that Kratom is dangerous, and that users should be weaned off of Kratom with Suboxone.

Indeed, there are multiple published studies about Kratom users being ‘treated’ with Suboxone, and these studies are essentially building a case that all Kratom users should be put onto this highly addictive and dangerous synthetic opioid. Further, I have seen numerous subjective reports on the internet about Kratom users being put onto Suboxone by their doctor.

This is completely insane, since Suboxone is extremely addictive. In-fact, many opioid users report that Suboxone addiction is more severe than Heroin addiction in terms of physical withdrawals.

Therefore, doctors are taking Kratom users who are not really addicted to opioids, and getting them absolutely hooked on a powerful synthetic opioid, and this is called a ‘treatment’ despite the obvious fact that it is destroying the lives of the patients.

Further, by giving Suboxone to Kratom users, Big Pharma is building the case that Kratom addiction is similar to Heroin addiction, since Suboxone is a drug that is typically only used for Heroin addiction. This is of course absurd, since Kratom addiction is similar to Coffee addiction, whereas Heroin is one of the most addictive substances on the planet.

Thus, Big Pharma is directly attacking Kratom users by prescribing them a synthetic opioid that is even more addictive than Heroin, and simultaneously making it seem like Kratom is somehow equivalent to Heroin. It is absurd and unfortunate that this practice is legal, since this is not a treatment, rather it is an atrocity.

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