Chewing A Strong Dose Of Mature Kratom Leaves Experience Report, And A Guide On How To Properly Chew Kratom Leaves

In a previous article on Kratom Cafe I chewed on a couple of leaves, and although the experiment was successful, I only had a small dose, and the leaves were from an immature tree.

Today I will be taking Kratom chewing to the ultimate level, by chewing mature leaves from locally grown trees, and taking a strong dose of them. Since these leaves are mature, they are high in alkaloids. An example of the leaves I’m chewing can be seen in the above photo.

The grower of the leaves taught me the best way to chew leaves, so I’ll briefly share the method before starting the experience report. Basically, you take a packet of sugar and dump it into the middle of the leaf, then fold the leaf into a square and start chewing. Although I like the taste of Kratom leaves as is, the sugar really creates a wonderful taste experience. Also, the grower recommended to not detach the stems and chew on them as well, because they contain lots of alkaloids.

T + 0 I weigh out 9 grams of leaves, which is a powerful dose since these are fresh, mature leaves. I dump a pack of sugar into a leaf, fold it up, put it in my mouth, and begin chewing.

The leaf plus the sugar has an extremely pleasant crunch. The sweet flavor of the sugar mixes with the bitter but pleasant flavor of the Kratom leaf, and it really is a very nice taste. Nothing like the taste of Kratom powder.

T + 2 Already feeling a powerful surge of opioid warmth. The Kratom alkaloids instantly absorb into the blood stream through the mouth, which is what makes chewing so special. Sublingual use of Kratom is extremely fast acting.

T + 3 I put another leaf in my mouth, since the first one is chewed down. This time I don’t add sugar. It feels really nice to crunch down on the fresh leaves.

T + 4 I notice an increase in my energy and focus. The morning grogginess is lifting away.

T + 7 I am covered in a warm blanket of Kratom feelings, and all fatigue is lifting away. I continue to chew the leaves, producing bitter alkaloid-rich juice.

T + 18 Opioid analgesic effects increasing, all soreness and pain in my body is dissipating. Taking another big leaf right now, and this time I am adding sugar.

T + 22 Feeling a shift in my headspace as euphoria begins to set in. A feeling of being really light and free is the best way to describe it.

T + 30 Feeling warm and cozy like I’m sitting next to a fireplace in the winter. I’m taking another leaf now

T + 34 A more sedative effect is kicking in, as Pink Floyd would say, I have become comfortably numb.

T + 40 Feeling really relaxed and euphoric. The opioid effects from fresh leaves are undoubtedly stronger than powder.

T + 50 Taking the final leaf, which brings me to the total dose of 9 grams. This time I put some honey on it, which also tastes really good.

T + 55 Feeling extremely powerful Kratom feelings. Entering a sort of dream state even though I am up and working.

T + 70 I am managing to get some writing work done. At this point feeling moderately sedated and fully relaxed, but simultaneously my fatigue is gone and there is a good amount of energy. I can see why people in Southeast Asia chew on Kratom during the work day, and it is definitely helpful and far superior to coffee. Literally the Kratom took all of my mental fogginess from the morning away, and feeling clear headed and articulate.

T + 110 Time is apparently flying. I’m still chewing on the leaves while I’m working. Intense Kratom sedation is setting in, at that point where I’m gonna need to lay down, and that feeling of being halfway between a dream and reality has intensified.

T + 115 This is about as strong as Kratom’s effects can ever get.

T + 140 I have been chewing the leaves this whole time, but finally I am done chewing. I can definitely see how chewing a wad of Kratom leaves can be very helpful for work, since it pushed me through a ton of work. Despite the sedation, as long as I’ve been chewing the leaves its been releasing a constant stream of energy and focus.

T + 230 When I finally went and laid down the Kratom feelings were intense, to the point of almost nausea. However, within 5 minutes of laying down the feelings transformed into intense analgesia, and I became very comfortable. I then dropped off into a dream state where I was having visions but was still conscious, which is something that can happen with very strong Kratom doses.

Now that I am up I am feeling incredibly well rested, similar to if I got a full night of sleep, and powerful analgesia continues with zero aches and pains, and also complete relaxation and stress relief.

Overall, chewing Kratom leaves is an incredibly unique and highly effective way to take Kratom. I was definitely surprised by how intense the effects from fresh leaf are, and really I took a huge dose in this experience report. Just 1-3 leaves would have been more than enough for stress relief and analgesia, rather than the 5 that I took.

On a final note, I wouldn’t compare leaves with powder, since they both have their strong points, and the effects from both are good in their own way.

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