Cheese Contains Opioids Called Casomorphins, And Therefore Eating Cheese May Enhance The Effects Of Kratom

Over the years I have observed numerous discussions on the internet regarding ways to potentiate Kratom. Essentially, people look to potentiate Kratom in order to make their supply last longer, or to get stronger opioid effects than are possible from Kratom alone. Some ideas that I have read about are Turmeric, Cimetidine, and grapefruit juice. However, perhaps potentiating Kratom is as simple as eating cheese, since cheese naturally contains opioids.

Essentially, opioids are ubiquitous throughout nature. Indeed, even the human body naturally produces opioids called Endomorphins, which play a critical role in the body’s response to pain.

Likewise, dairy cows naturally produce opioids called Casomorphins, and Casomorphins are found in all dairy products, but cheese has by far the highest concentration of Casomorphins. There is an article from Forbes which states “If milk is cocaine, then cheese is crack“. This is because a cup of milk has 7.7 grams of protein, 80% of which is Casein, and Casein turns into Casomorphins during digestion. On the other hand, an equivalent amount of cheese has 56 grams of protein, which is over 7-fold more than a cup of milk.

A scientific study found that Casomorphins are opioid receptor agonists, and therefore can bring about euphoria and pain relief. Although the painkilling and euphoric effects of eating cheese are slight in comparison to synthetic opioids, opiates, or Kratom, there is still an effect, and this might partially explain why pizza and cheese in general is so popular.

Since cheese naturally has opioid effects, it is logical to theorize that eating cheese after taking Kratom could boost the opioid effects of Kratom. Subjectively, I find that when I eat some cheese in the middle of a Kratom experience, the euphoric and analgesic effects of the Kratom are definitively boosted. Due to this, I got into the habit of eating cheese at some point during every Kratom experience, even before I found out that cheese contains opioids.

Thus, instead of messing around with taking other supplements or drugs like Turmeric or Cimetidine in order to achieve stronger Kratom effects, just order in some pizza or eat your favorite cheese. Yogurt, milk, and ice-cream should theoretically have Kratom potentiating properties as well.

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