Kratom Is Under Attack: Add Your Signature And Kratom Story To A Memorandum Which Will Be Sent To Politicians And Regulators In Order To Keep Kratom Legal

Kratom Is Under Attack: Add Your Signature And Kratom Story To A Memorandum Which Will Be Sent To Politicians And Regulators In Order To Keep Kratom Legal

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Kratom is under attack in the United States, and you can help to keep Kratom legal by adding your signature and telling your Kratom story in the form at the end of this article. Each signature and Kratom story will be used by The Kratom Federation to show regulators and politicians via memorandums how Kratom has benefited, if not saved, the lives of countless Americans, and how banning Kratom would lead to an untold amount of death, destruction, and suffering. 

Essentially, all signatures and Kratom stories will be aggregated by The Kratom Federation into memorandums which will include cutting edge peer reviewed scientific papers on Kratom, and these memorandums will be sent to the President, all members of Congress on the State and Federal levels, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Department of Agriculture, which are all the regulatory bodies involved with Kratom, in addition to any other relevant politicians we can think of. These memorandums will enlighten and educate politicians and regulators so that they stop spreading and/or believing misinformation that Kratom is dangerous, and will help to ensure that Kratom remains legal long term. 

As The Kratom Federation sends out memorandums updates will be posted on the site, and roughly every 1,000 signatures a new memorandum will be sent out. Further, if a specific threat to Kratom pops up in a certain state or municipality, we will immediately send out a memorandum to the government agency that is trying to ban Kratom. 

Further, The Kratom Federation will use these Kratom stories to spread Kratom awareness across the internet via a continuous series of articles, to create educational Kratom pamphlets, and to compile the ultimate Kratom book which will include a vast amount of personal Kratom stories in addition to all of the latest science and information on Kratom. The goal of these assorted efforts is to educate chronic pain patients and people with drug addiction issues about Kratom in order to save them from a life of pain and/or dangerous and deadly drugs, in addition to being another mechanism to educate the general public, politicians, and regulators about Kratom so that Kratom is recognized as the miracle plant that it is rather than being labeled a dangerous drug.

It is crucial to take these actions now, since this year alone Kratom bans were proposed in Maryland, Mississippi, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Hawaii, San Diego County, and West Virginia, and only the vigorous efforts of the American Kratom Association and the Kratom community prevented Kratom from being banned for tens of millions of Americans in those states. The only reason the attempted state bans stopped rolling in is because the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused state legislators to close, but when state legislators reopen after the pandemic is over the Kratom ban bills will likely come back with a vengeance, and the The Kratom Federation needs your help to be ready for that.

Further, a much more serious threat to Kratom has arisen in the past month due to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a regulatory agency which has been spreading misinformation about Kratom for years. The FDA has declared Kratom an unapproved food additive, by saying that Kratom added to pills or water is a food additive, and has convinced the Ohio Department of Agriculture to pull Kratom off store shelves. The FDA tried using this same strategy decades ago in an attempt to make black currant oil pills illegal, and a Federal Court ruled that this FDA strategy is illegal, yet the FDA is using the same strategy again for Kratom.

It is of critical importance to do whatever it takes to stop this FDA attack, since if the FDA succeeds in getting Kratom declared an unapproved food additive in Ohio, they will use the same strategy nationwide to make Kratom effectively illegal.

It gets worse. The FDA has indicated that they are pushing the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to make Kratom a Schedule I drug as soon as possible, which would make Kratom illegal nationwide.

If that happens, there will be a 30 day comment period before Kratom officially becomes illegal, and the best thing that Kratom users can do to fight this is to submit their Kratom stories now so that The Kratom Federation can have as much Kratom stories as possible in order to show regulators and politicians. These Kratom stories will help regulators and politicians understand that Kratom is benefiting, if not saving the lives, of countless Americans.

In addition to fighting all state and municipal Kratom bans as they pop up, preventing the FDA and Department of Agriculture from declaring Kratom an unapproved food additive, and preventing the DEA from declaring Kratom a Schedule I drug, another battle is getting the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) passed in each state.

The KCPA is a law which ensures that only natural, pure, and contaminant free Kratom reaches consumers. The only times in history where there has been a problem with Kratom is due to laced or contaminated products. Since the FDA has failed to make a proper regulatory framework for ensuring only safe Kratom reaches consumers, the KCPA is necessary to provide this regulatory framework. The American Kratom Association has already successfully passed the KCPA in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia, and is already working on getting the KCPA passed in 20+ additional states, including states where Kratom is banned such as Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Alabama, and Arkansas. 

Each state where the KCPA is passed is a major victory since it ensures state legislators in those states will not ban Kratom in the future, and also the KCPA is the way forward for lifting Kratom bans in states and municipalities where Kratom is already banned. The Kratom Federation will do whatever we can to assist the American Kratom Association in getting the KCPA in each state. 

What you can do to help keep Kratom legal in the United States is adding your signature below and telling your Kratom story. Although telling your Kratom story is optional, a short summary of how Kratom benefited, if not saved, your life would be very helpful, since it will show politicians and regulators how Kratom has benefited the lives of Americans, and how it will cause massive damage if Kratom is banned.

Finally, please share this call to action as much as possible with the social media buttons below, the goal is 100,000 signatures so that we can collectively make a serious pro-Kratom impact, although hopefully we will get even more than that, since there are 15 million Americans using Kratom. Progress can be tracked in the thermometer at the top of this call to action.

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