Big Pharma Wants To Turn Kratom Users Into Addicts: The Dangerous And Addictive Synthetic Opioids Buprenorphine And Dihydrocodeine Proposed As ‘Treatment’ Drugs For Kratom Users

A new study has been published, titled ‘Kratom Dependence and Treatment Options: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature‘, and what it proposes is absolutely evil. Essentially, this study argues that Kratom use leads to a serious addiction, and that doctors should give Kratom users sublingual Buprenorphine and intravenous Dihydrocodeine.

Literally, this study proposes injecting Kratom users with intravenous synthetic opioids to ‘cure’ their addiction, but reading between the lines, what this study is really proposing is turning Kratom users into synthetic opioid addicts.

Even worse, just one month ago another study was published which proposes giving Kratom users Buprenorphine.

Therefore, it seems Big Pharma is launching a coordinated effort to make it seem like Kratom leads to a terrible addiction, and that Kratom users need to be ‘treated’ with synthetic opioids.

What is rally going on here is a two pronged attack on Kratom. First off, Big Pharma is trying to build up proof that Kratom is addictive and dangerous, and they are likely coordinating with the FDA to use these studies as ammunition for new attacks on Kratom’s legality.

Further, Big Pharma wants to turn Kratom users into synthetic opioid addicts in order to increase profits.

It all comes down to money. Doctors would be prescribing Kratom right now for chronic pain, drug addiction, and mental health issues, but Kratom cannot be patented, so Big Pharma and the medical industry cannot make any money on Kratom. Therefore, Big Pharma and the medical industry chooses to prescribe synthetic opioids, with each prescription bringing significant profits.

Further, getting a patient addicted to synthetic opioids can bring in massive profits for Big Pharma throughout the lifetime of the patient, and all it takes to get a patient addicted is that first dose of synthetic opioids.

Literally, that is what is being proposed by this study. This study wants to establish the precedent that Kratom users should be given synthetic opioids, which would turn them into an addict, and this would make big bucks for Big Pharma.

Indeed, the fact that this study proposes using I.V. synthetic opioids for Kratom ‘treatment’ reveals how malicious this is, since I.V. synthetic opioids are the most addictive type of opioids in the world. Just one shot and a Kratom user can be turned into an opioid junkie, God forbid.

On a final note, although this study tries to paint a picture that Kratom is very addictive, the reality is that Kratom is perhaps just as addictive as Coffee, if not less addictive than Coffee. I have been a Kratom user for a decade, and have often taken 2-4 day breaks with little to no symptoms, and I can still fully function without the Kratom. Compare this to synthetic opioids and opiates which lead to a nightmarish withdrawal syndrome, causing an addict to become completely dysfunctional until they get their next fix.

Hopefully no Kratom users fall for this evil Big Pharma plot, since the Kratom ‘treatment’ that Big Pharma proposes would literally destroy lives. Also, the Kratom community needs to speak out against the use of synthetic opioids as a Kratom ‘treatment’ before it becomes a mainstream practice.

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