Big Pharma Aggression Continues: Another Study Has Been Published Which Ignores The Science And Tries To Make Kratom Look Dangerous And Addictive With Zero Actual Evidence

Big Pharma is getting more and more aggressive with its misinformation campaign against Kratom, and a major part of this campaign is to publish scientific studies which ignore the science and say that Kratom is dangerous and addictive. Essentially, Big Pharma funds these sort of bunk Kratom studies in order to build up a list of scientifically published evidence that Kratom should be banned, and this is actually a serious threat to Kratom’s legality.

The latest bunk paper is from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and titled ‘Kratom: A growing substance of abuse in the United States‘.

First off, the very title of this paper calls Kratom a substance of abuse, in order to hype up the impression that it is abusable like Cocaine or Heroin, when in-fact scientific studies have proven Kratom has very low abuse/addiction potential, due to the fact it doesn’t cause drug effects in the Mesolimbic Pathway, aka the reward pathway.

In-fact, Johns Hopkins, which is the most prestigious school of medicine, declared that Kratom has a low potential for abuse.

Even worse, this paper doesn’t even do any of its own science. There are zero experiments, and zero unique research. All this paper claims to have done is review 500 scientific papers relevant to Kratom.

Even that is a bold lie however, since clearly they threw out all the papers that prove that Kratom is safe, effective, and beneficial, and only focused on papers which said that Kratom is bad, which are in-fact just other bunk papers funded by Big Pharma.

The main conclusion of this ‘review study’ is that Kratom causes respiratory depression, which is the same mechanism by which synthetic opioids and opiates cause overdoses. This is completely opposite of the actual science though. Indeed, scientific studies have proven that Kratom causes zero respiratory depression, and therefore has practically zero overdose potential, due to a lack of beta-arrestin recruitment.

Literally, the main conclusion of this ‘review study’ is blown to bits by actual scientific studies, studies where they actually conducted experiments and did unique research.

After that one farce conclusion, this ‘review study’ goes on to claim that Kratom is causing an increasing number of deaths, when in-fact Kratom has caused zero scientifically proven deaths in history, which makes Kratom the safest substance in the world, even safer than caffeine.

Finally, the study mentions that 6 states have banned Kratom, in an attempt to add to the evidence that Kratom is bad. What they fail to mention is that Kratom was only banned in those states due to misinformation from Big Pharma and the FDA.

Thus, Big Pharma continues to fund studies, like this latest one, which completely ignore the science and publish fake claims, all in an attempt to create a pile of fake evidence in support of Kratom being banned.

The reason Big Pharma is doing this is because 15 million Americans now use Kratom for chronic pain, opioid dependence, and mental health issues, and this is eating into Big Pharma’s profits. Even though Kratom is very effective for the 15 million Americans who use it, and in-fact saving countless lives, Big Pharma doesn’t care about lives and only cares about money.

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