Announcing The 1 Kilo Kratom Cafe Giveaway!

This morning I am announcing the 1 kilo Kratom Cafe giveaway, where you can win 1,000 grams of Kratom simply by entering your e-mail in the below form. This giveaway is sponsored by Amazing Botanicals, and the lucky winner will be able to select the kilo of their choice, out of the dozens of Kratom strains available on Amazing Botanicals, with the exception of Enhanced Kratom. The winner will be announced 1 month from now on April 19.

Note: Make sure your e-mail is correct, because the winner will be contacted by e-mail.

[email-subscribers-form id=”2″]

Also, we will be announcing an opportunity to gain additional entries on the Kratom Cafe Twitter and on the Kratom Cafe Facebook page, so watch closely.

Good luck everyone!

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