In this article I will document what it is like to take Yellow Vietnam Kratom from Amazing Botanicals. This strain is grown in Indonesia like most other Kratom strains, but what makes it unique is it is transplanted from Vietnam, and therefore has a unique profile of alkaloids. Also, this Kratom is distinct from other types of Kratom and considered Yellow since it has gone through a specialized drying process.

I have not taken any Kratom since 24 hours ago, so this Kratom should work to its full potential. Today I will be using the toss n’ wash method, which provides the most powerful effects for Kratom powder, and I am using Tropicana orange juice as my drink.

I open the bag of Kratom and it smells very fresh and potent. I shine my flashlight on it, and it has a hue like Red Vein Kratom, although slightly more yellowish.

T + 0 I took 3 teaspoons with orange juice, a fairly strong dose, so that I will be able to document the true effects of this Kratom for this experience report.

T + 5 minutes Already feeling a surge of euphoria and motivation.

T + 15 minutes Feeling a shift in my perception, reality has become far more calm and peaceful. Opioid warmth beginning, and strong euphoria.

T + 30 minutes I feel highly euphoric and incredibly articulate and energetic, while being simultaneously calm. This is that true Kratom feeling that I know and love.

T + 60 minutes Feeling lots of opioid warmth, relaxation, and energy, and getting a lot of work done with swift articulation.

T + 100 minutes Sedation increasing, and I continue to feel highly euphoric and relaxed. This is some very strong Kratom.

T + 240 minutes The relaxing and euphoric effects of the Kratom have continued for many hours, during which time I did some work and watched some TV as well.

Overall, Yellow Vietnam Kratom from Amazing Botanicals is quite powerful, and one of the best strains I’ve had in awhile. Even at a heavy dose it seems to still be a good Kratom for a work day. It has that very strong Kratom feeling, but didn’t knock me out, allowing me to work in a very relaxed and happy state.