Amazing Botanicals 100 mg Kratom Extract Tablets Review, Video Of Experience Inside!

Buy 100 mg Kratom Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals

The above video is Episode 1 of SpaceMarine’s Kratom Reviews, presented by Kratom Cafe. For this first episode I take two 100 mg Kratom extract tablets from Amazing Botanicals, with each tablet containing 45 mg of pure Mitragynine, which is equivalent to 4-6 grams of Kratom leaf. In the video I describe what the experience was like from beginning to end, to give an idea of what it would be like if you took these Kratom extract tablets.

Ultimately it ended up being a top notch Kratom experience, with lots of euphoria, energy, relaxation, and pain relief, and I found that this extract is perfect for work since it provides strong Kratom effects with little, if any, sedation. In-fact, these Kratom extract tablets made it much easier to work, since it significantly increased my focus, articulation, and motivation.

Also, this extract was extremely fast acting, with effects coming on within minutes. It is also important to note that this Kratom extract is incredibly convenient versus regular Kratom leaf, since just two little tablets are equivalent to 8-12 grams of Kratom leaf, and it is difficult to take that much Kratom leaf even if you are an expert at toss n’ wash.

Overall, I highly recommend 100 mg Kratom extract tablets from Amazing Botanicals for Kratom users who want an efficient, convenient, and energetic experience, although I would recommend just 1 tablet if you are a new user or light to moderate user, and only heavy users should take two tablets at once.

Stay tuned on the Kratom Cafe Youtube Channel, since many more Kratom product reviews will be posted! Eventually the goal is to cover all Kratom products in existence in this video review series, in order to help Kratom users make the best decisions when buying Kratom.

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