About Us

Kratom Cafe is owned and operated by the KF Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that seeks to spread Kratom science, information, and knowledge in order to save lives.

Kratom Cafe is the cradle of research findings, reviews, and unbiased news on Mitragyna speciosa, colloquially known as kratom. With an eye to the future, we cover the information that resonates with communities and helps each user become a smarter consumer. Kratom Cafe is free for all as we believe nothing is more important than spreading up-to-date kratom news to foster awareness.

There’s no subscription to purchase to remain an informed kratom user. Think of us as the trailblazers who keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry maneuvers, legal matters, and, of course, strains. Our kratom blog is replete with reviews on the products that are all the rage these days. Stay tuned to be well-versed in which strains are worth it and which are not.

More often than not, kratom’s effects are shrouded in mystery, with little to no scientific evidence. The web is flooded with bombastic claims about Mitragyna speciosa miraculously curing severe conditions, but do they jibe with the facts? Get unlimited access to clear-cut kratom updates to find out.

At Kratom Cafe, we’re always on the lookout for the latest studies on Mitragyna speciosa, its effects, and potential. We aren’t paid to post them in our kratom blog, which is why it’s your most reliable source of scientific information. It’s pivotal to know more about the product you’re using (or are going to use) and whether it’s best for you.

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