A Variety Of Medicinal Herbs Can Potentiate Kratom’s Effects, Including Kava, Valerian, Chamomile, Passionflower, And Skullcap

There has been plenty of talk on the internet throughout the years about how to potentiate the effects of Kratom in order to achieve a more relaxing and stronger experience. Some people suggest taking synthetic OTC medicines, but I am a believer that natural medicinal herbs are the best potentiators for Kratom.

Usually Kratom by itself is strong enough for me, but if I ever want to achieve extreme relaxation I’ll drink a cup of Yogi Kava tea or Yogi sleepy time tea, and sometimes even mix them together. In the below image is a list of the ingredients.

The primary constituent of the Kava tea is of course Kava, with no other psychoactive herbs. Kava is an incredibly medicinal herb that brings about perfect anxiety relief, stress relief, and relaxation while being totally non-addictive. Kava has at least 15 active alkaloids, and it has effects on the GABA, Cannabinoid, and opioid receptors.

In-fact, there is a lot more to talk about when it comes to Kava, and it will be covered in future articles on Kratom Cafe. In the meantime you can try Kava yourself by ordering it from Amazing Botanicals, where they have incredible Kava extracts.

The sleepy time tea is far more complex since it contains multiple psychoactive herbs, including Valerian, Chamomile, Skullcap, and Passionflower.

Breaking these down one by one, Valerian has been a sleep, anxiety, and relaxation medicine since ancient days. Science shows that Valerian’s effects are primarily from its interaction with the GABA receptors, and indeed Valerian contains alkaloids which interact with the GABA receptors in addition to containing GABA itself.

Chamomile is another herb which has been used since ancient days and is an ingredient in numerous calming herbal teas. Chamomile provides relaxing and anti-anxiety effects, and these effects are from interacting with the GABA receptors.

Passionflower is yet another herb which has been used since ancient days, and has general mood-lifting and anti-anxiety effects, mostly due to its interaction with the GABA receptors, but also due to weak MAOI effects. Notably, MAOI drugs are well known for being depression and anxiety cures, and Passionflower is a natural version.

Finally, Skullcap is perhaps less known but has been used for centuries as well, and it provides anti-anxiety, relaxing, and mood lifting effects via GABA receptor interaction and increasing dopamine levels.

This afternoon I am trying this combo of herbal Kratom potentiators via drinking the Kava and sleepy time Yogi tea mixed together, about an hour after drinking a Kratom smoothie. Even drinking a small amount of the cup of tea has greatly enhanced the relaxing effects of the Kratom, and really brings about a sense of total peace and calmness. As I continue drinking the herbal tea, a strong surge of opioid warmth and euphoria comes over me, so not only are these herbs making the Kratom more relaxing, but also directly potentiating the opioid effects.

Although this herbal Kratom potentiation experiment can provide strongly relaxing effects, in general I would only recommend this towards bedtime or if you have time to really relax, since you will probably go to sleep.

Further, Kratom generally doesn’t need to be potentiated, it provides strong effects by itself, although the herbs described in this article are a great addition to a Kratom experience if you’re looking for sedative, anti-anxiety, and relaxing effects. Also, you could take any one of these herbs together with Kratom and probably get strong effects, and it is not necessary to mix them all together like I did, although this mix probably provides the strongest effects.

On a final note, I think people who are sick during this Coronavirus pandemic could greatly benefit from mixing Kratom with some or all of these herbs, since the general effect of mixing these herbs with Kratom is you will be able to relax and go to sleep very easily, giving people who are sick the rest they need to heal. Also, in general anyone who is sick or sleep deprived could greatly benefit from this combination of Kratom, Kava, Chamomile, Passionflower, Valerian, and Skullcap.

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