Kratom has undoubtedly benefited the lives of countless people, including me, by providing pain relief and being a safe alternative to dangerous drugs and alcohol. This article is a collection of real short stories from Kratom users, and these stories reveal how Kratom has benefited, if not saved, people’s lives.

These stories were obtained from the ‘Petition To Pass The Federal Kratom Consumer Protection Act, To Overturn Any State And Local Kratom Bans, And To Halt The FDA’s Import Alert And Misinformation Campaign‘. Essentially, Kratom users are being asked to sign the petition and to tell their Kratom story to defend Kratom’s legality in the United States. The Kratom stories are perhaps the most important aspect of this petition, since the stories help politicians and regulators to understand how Kratom is benefiting and saving the lives of individual Americans. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, signing it and sharing your story will help the Kratom fight.

Without further ado, here are some of the most detailed Kratom stories that were submitted through the petition so far. This is not even close to all of them, just a small sample. Posting all of them would require a book rather than a blog post.

Kratom Has Saved Me From A Life Full Of Pain And Suffering

“Kratom has saved me from a life full of severe pain and suffering….everyday wondering if I can go to work and take care of my children or even get out of bed…off and on pain medication…illegally…the only way i could function…not because I am an addict, but because of the pain in my body…kratom has changed everything for me…i work all the time…to support my family…and i am one of the best at what i do…banning my medication would devastate my life…i can not go back to living the way I have lived for the past 10 years before i found kratom!”

By The Grace Of God I Was Given A Second Chance

“8 years ago I was homeless on the streets and by the grace of God was given a second chance by somebody and eventually introduced to this plant which changed my life forever! I have a career, a home, a new car.”

It Saved My Life

“Please DON’T ban this wonderful plant. It saved my life, I was in alot of pain daily due to arthritis and many surgeries. I have NOT had a pain pill in over 5 years, it is NOT addicting as I can go days without it if I’m pain free.
Kratom has done so many good things for me and NOT one bad thing. So many people will die if it is banned, so many people will turn to black market drugs.
Find a way to regulate it, stop adulterating of it and KEEP IT LEGAL”

It’s Miraculous How Much More I Can Actively Be A Part Of My Life

“I use kratom every day to manage my depression and my pain, as well as my PTSD symptoms. Before discovering it, I was a wreck, I couldn’t get out of bed, life was hopeless. I’ve been using kratom for two or three years and I feel my life is worth living! PLEASE hear the cries of the folks who would not only be at a disadvantage with kratom becoming illegal, but might even die in some extreme cases! Please read the science! It’s miraculous how much more I can actively be a part of my life – my career has taken off, I’m being with and appreciating my family…kratom has saved my life.”

Over 4 Years Sober From Narcotics

“I’ve had 2 spine surgeries and have chronic sciatica, kratom has saved me from becoming an opiate addict. Over 4 years sober from narcotics, my life has improved immeasurably from being clean and taking only quality approved kratom. Please help to keep kratom legal and protect the lives of millions. Thank you.”

Please Legalize This Natural Leaf

“Please legalize this plant. I have replaced my prescription of hydrocodon (3x per day) with ground leaves of the kratom tree. Except when I travel to Alabama. I then need to get my Dr to renew the script just so i can handle the pain. Please legalize this natural leaf.”

This Plant Gives Me Hope Everyday

“Kratom is saving my life and giving me pain relief that no man made pill or man made item I’ve ever tried ever has in my whole years of being alive.
I am a recovering drug addict since 1-19-18.
This wonderful plant keeps my impulse for drugs down to minimum.
It keeps my depression at a level I can handle every day.
It keeps my pain from lupus and arthritis and old traumas down to minimum.
This plant gives me hope everyday that I will not have to suffer and go thru pain.
I love this plant.
It helps me in ways no doctor prescribed medication could ever top and with zero side effects!!”

Kratom Is A Natural Herb That Can Help Tons Of People

“If Kratom gets banned it will be bad for the individuals that really do need it.
Kratom is a natural herb that can help tons of people for their depression, anxiety, PTSD, arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, or any other conditions people have.”

Kratom Is The Only Thing That Works

“I had been battling substance abuse & addiction for at least 10 years now. Juggling my private, professional life, & emotions everyday. I tried everything!
Kratom is the only thing that works. It’s a substance that doesn’t make you incoherent. Doesn’t cause violence. Isn’t hard to quit. And it completely kills my alcohol cravings. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It saved my life. In America, thousands feel the same.
If & when Kratom is outlawed, it will cause the largest substance abuse explosion we’ve ever seen.
I’m very concerned about this.”

Kratom Makes Getting Up Much Easier

“I have been taking Kratom now almost a year. I grew up on a farm and work construction and other difficult jobs for 25 years. I hurt all over everyday that I wake up and Kratom makes getting up much easier. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and agoraphobia. I have been able to contribute with the use of Kratom. Pleae don’t take the option away. Not everyone abuses it. Thanks for listening”

Kratom Is Such An Important Part Of My Life

“Kratom is such an important part of my life. Before I started taking kratom, I was always exhausted. No matter how much I rested, it was not enough. I have a sensitivity to caffeine and can not take part in daily coffee consumption like most other Americans. Kratom, which is closely related to the coffee plant, provides me with the energy and relief I need to get through the day. This plant is not bad. It doesn’t make me high. There is no danger of overdose. This is a harmless supplement.”

It Has Improved My Life More Than You Will Know

“Hello, I have been drinking Kratom tea for over 6 years. It has improved my life more than you will know. I began taking it for relief of my lower back pain. It helps more than any Advil/Tylenol OTC type of garbage. Since becoming more educated within the kratom community, I constantly see a never ending spread of misinformation about it. It’s beyond frustrating to read all of the lies and smear campaigns from the FDA. Kratom tea is NOT ADDICTIVE, there is NO IMPAIRMENT. Meanwhile, the FDA approves many harmful, addictive substances anyway. Cigarettes kill around 900 people per hour. Kratom tea has never been the cause of death in any case. The truth has been twisted to give that illusion many times. These deaths have all been from other substances. Just because a body was found with kratom in it, does not make it the cause of death. By the same logic, if a dead body had chocolate in its system, chocolate has to be the cause of death. Just another sad effort to demonize a beneficial tea. Kratom tea has been helping mankind for thousands of years. It’s obvious to us all that the FDA receives money from the pharmacy industry. The last chief of the FDA was on the board of a pharmacuetical co. It is a threat to their profits, and they cannot stand the competition. It’s true that some substances sold from gas stations has contained adulterants, which is why all products need to be lab tested. I always purchase my tea from companies who lab test. This is a no brainier. We don’t need people selling these unsafe products, some have been found containing metals. I know I can speak for the rest of the kratom community when I say, we are sick of the lies from the corrupt FDA. They fail to see how it helps millions of people, and focus only on their kickbacks. We need to all work together and keep kratom legal and safe. It is my right as a free consumer in the United States to choose an organic, plant for pain relief as opposed to their harmful, addictive chemical pills.”

Thanks To This Plant I Have Recovered From A 10 Year Heroin Addiction

“This plant has saved my life. Thanks to this plant I have recovered from a 10 year heroin addiction. I’m an coming up on 2 years clean this April 20th. This is the longest I’ve ever stayed clean in the past 10 years. It has helped me gain control of my life back. This plant is harmless. It is not addictive. I only use it on occasion but when I do it helps in the most profound ways. It this plant is made illegal it will cause more harm than good. Please don’t let that happen.”

It’s Not A Drug It’s A Lifesaving Plant

“Kratom isnt a drug if anything it is an anti drug. It helps with withdrawal from drug abuse and many other things such as alcoholism. I have been using kratom for 3 years now and it has helped me in so many ways like pain management and mood stabilizer. I dont see kratom as something can be abused like illicit drugs. If i had to compare it to anything it would be like marijuana something that has health benefits like immune booster in the 3 years i have been using it i havent been since at all. Long story short kratom has beneficial properties that could help in alot of ways and i think taking it away from us would have a major downside because each person uses it for something different from pain management to social anxiety and even ptsd and if this is something that could help our veterans when the va or government wont then why not let them and everyone claim the benefits of this plant. Its not a drug its a lifesaving plant.”

With Kratom I Became A Whole New Person

“I was serving in the United States Army and had gotten some bad news. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s disease isnt something that you get kicked out of the army for, it’s the medication that does it. I was medically retired because I was on humira and it left me non deployable because I can catch any disease while deployed. Humira had me sick almost once every week. Life was miserable on this medication. Finally, one day I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to stop taking it. After 2 years of constant pain and flare ups my girlfriend introduced me to Kratom. Instantly I was already doing 80% better in the first week of using it. Not only did it help with my crohns disease it had changed me. I was always battling anxiety and depression because of my disease. With kratom I became a whole new person. I wouldn’t need to stay home all the time because i was afraid of not being able to find a bathroom when i needed to. I was active again and even started breaking out of my shell. Kratom saved my life from my own hands. I only wish i had this available in the Army because I loved my job in it.”

I Got Off Of Psych Meds That Robbed Me Of My Personality

“I as a citizen of the United States demand a sovereign right over my conciousness and demand that the FDA end it’s propaganda campaign against kratom. I’ve taken kratom for 8 years. I got off of psych meds that robbed me of my personality and caused me horrible side effects that lasted for years. I am in great health now, my heart, liver, and kidneys are great and have suffered no other health issues in an 8 year period. I also have a successful career and raise a child. Seeking to incriminate people who are living a better quality life using kratom should within itself be considered criminal.
The health care system and big pharma have overwhelmingly failed mental health patients and those who need pain management. The evidence of kratom’s benefits amoungst it’s users is almost universal. We know how much it’s improved our lives. The FDA has spread lies and disinformation about kratom. They have deliberately demonized kratom from the beginning when there is no actual proof that kratom on it’s own has killed anyone. All the while alcohol is legal which is without a doubt one of the most dangerous, addictive, and useless drugs known to man that kills millions.
For the FDA This is about money, not concern for the health and safety of the public. They wish to demonize kratom just as they have marijuana and claim it has no medical benefit which is 100% unequivocally false. To say otherwise in the face of those who have successfully gotten off of pharmaceuticals and live a better quality of life because of kratom is disgusting and should not be tolerated in a free society.
We as a people cannot be lied to and manipulated by the media and those corrupted in power much longer. In the information age anyone who has a brain can figure out that they are being lied to by the FDA and big pharma for themselves. The age where evil billionaires who seek to line their pockets to obsurd proportions by robbing people of their freedom and causing them to suffer and even die has to stop.”

Kratom Stops Alcohol And Hard Drug Cravings

“Kratom was the only thing I found in my years as a very heavy alcoholic to help me quit. I tried countless times to stop drinking and every time it just got worse until I was severely under weight, sick and almost losing everything. I have used kratom daily to help with any cravings I have for harder substances. I always worry about what will happen if my supply of fully cut off. I appreciate what you guys are doing. Thank you!”

My Life Was Saved

“My name is Micah May…I’m 46 years old and Kratom saved my life. Over 15 years I’ve had 18 spinal fusions, injections, multiple rhizotomys and a electric stimulator. I was taking approximately 9 Percocets, 3 to 4 oxyContin and 4 Soma every day, I was a mess and didn’t want to live anymore because there was no hope in sight and being in that much pain is no way of life. My poor wife was living with an angry drugged out zombi. Two years ago I heard about Kratom, like all the other healing methods I’ve heard over the years I was willing to try anything but expected little result.
Kratom was the first day of sunshine that had come my way in a long time. My life was saved. Overnight I stopped All the pain killers…Never took them again. From going to the doctor and getting the golden ticket once a month “ prescriptions” I don’t see him at all anymore.
I started going to the gym again and lost 30lbs, I care about life and my appearance, my wife finally got her husband back again after all those rough years. Kratom is my life blood and without it I would go right back into the darkness… people at work thought I found the fountain of youth and are still amazed at my transformation, thanks to Kratom I’m a citizen of the world again and teammate with my wife.
Kratom is life… until you have chronic pain that drops you to your knees you simply will never understand so please don’t take it away from me and others like me because we deserve and have the right to have the ability to live our life as well.”

It Has Literally Saved Tens Of Thousands Of Lives

“I’d like to share my story.I have a genetic bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 1. It’s also called “brittle bone disease”. I have had over 45 fractures in my lifetime. My most recent injury was 5 fractured vertebrae in my back (picking up my 40 lb grandson). Every time I fracture, regardless if I need surgical intervention, opioids have been my only option for pain management. Usually, I only need pain control for 3 – 4 weeks while the fractures heal. With my back, the injury was so severe that I was on 10 mg norco x6 per day for four months. This might not seem like a lot, but physical dependence will definitely occur regardless. I stepped down to 2 pills per day and then made the jump to kratom. Talk about life-changing! I am a small business owner and I need to be out every day, focused and motivated. I am in sales so if you’re not feeling great, that definitely shines through! I take 3 g every four hours during the day and 5 – 6 g at night for sleep. I am working full time and am so amazed that I am 90% pain free, with the added bonus of feeling energized and clear-headed. I use cannabis daily as well for pain management. I wish more people knew about this marvelous plant! The testimonials I have read really show the benefits of a natural alternative to opioids. So many people have been able to come off pills, heroin, benzos and subs with assistance from kratom. I am dismayed at the rabid and unfounded pushback from Drs, the FDA, the DEA and rehabs regarding kratom. It has literally saved tens of thousands of lives by offering an alternative to opioids. Live your best life.”