50X Kratom Extract Experience Report

Today I will be taking 50X Kratom extract, which was obtained from Amazing Botanicals. This extract is fresh from Indonesia, and each gram is apparently equivalent to the alkaloids in roughly 3 grams of regular Kratom leaf powder.

A picture of the extract above shows that it has some crystalline aspects to it. Also, it has a very pleasant Kratom aroma, it smells even nicer than regular Kratom powder.

I didn’t take any Kratom in 24 hours, so this extract should work to its full potential.

5:44 PM I poured the 4 grams of 50X extract onto a spoon, which should be a very strong dose, and toss n’ washed it with orange juice. It was super easy to toss n’ wash this compared to regular Kratom powder, mainly because this 50X extract is far less sticky than regular Kratom powder.

The extract actually tastes really good to me, and is reminiscent of powdered extracts I used to take years ago. In-fact, it tastes the same as the Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) I used to take almost a decade ago.

5:47 PM Unmistakeable euphoria already building up, and major stress relief. I was really stressed before I took this because I was rushing around preparing for Shabbos.

5:50 PM I got a butterfly in my stomach sort of feeling, in a good way, from the rapidly increasing euphoria. This is some incredible Kratom extract, that’s obvious to me even after just a few minutes. Also a very noticeable shift in my perception/head space, which only happens with the strongest Kratom extracts.

5:53 PM I am typing at the speed of lightning, incredible articulation, focus, and energy. Literally all of my stress is gone, and also feeling strong analgesic effects and all of my aches and pains are gone.

5:55 PM Now feeling strong opioid warmth surging through my body.

6:08 PM Feeling powerful Kratom effects. Really it’s an incredible feeling, and this is pretty much as good as Kratom gets.

6:21 PM Extreme euphoria at this point, this is really above and beyond for Kratom. Powerful analgesia as well.

6:38 PM Super euphoric feelings continue, just so happy to be alive. Simultaneously very articulate and talkative. The cool thing about Kratom is it can have powerful effects like this without impairing me at all, in-fact this Kratom has definitively increased my cognitive functioning.

6:56 PM Incredible euphoric effects are continuing. No sign of becoming overly sedated. Really this is the perfect Kratom extract, little if any sedation despite the powerful effects.

7:13 PM Very euphoric, still at peak levels. Maybe a bit of sedation creeping in, so I’m drinking some Diet Pepsi, which has a slight bit of Caffeine.

7:33 PM The effects are even nicer now after drinking some Diet Pepsi, tons of energy and euphoria. The whole world just feels wonderful. It is remarkable how stable the effects of this 50X extract are, it rose quickly to a peak and I’ve been at the peak for a very long time. Also remarkable how it didn’t knock me out, which is ideal.

Overall, this 50X Kratom extract is one of the best Kratom extracts I have ever had. It is fast acting, provides powerful euphoria, relaxation, analgesia, and energy while simultaneously not being too sedating or overwhelming, and it lasts a very long time. Therefore, I highly recommend 50X Kratom extract from Amazing Botanicals; even a seasoned Kratom connoisseur will find the effects of this to be top notch.

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