Red Bali Kratom From Amazing Botanicals Review, Experience Report Video Inside

Buy Red Bali Kratom From Amazing Botanicals, Use Code KRATOMCAFE For $75/kilo + Free Shipping This is episode 3 of SpaceMarine’s Kratom Reviews presented by Kratom Cafe. In this episode I review Red Bali Kratom from Amazing Botanicals. Red Bali is one of the most popular Kratom strains in the world, since it’s known as being one of the most effective strains for pain relief and relaxation. In this experience export Red Bali did indeed live up to it’s reputation. Less than 20 minutes into the experience there was a strong surge of analgesia (pain relief) and relaxation. After...

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OPMS Gold Kratom Review, Experience Report Video Inside

Buy 100 mg Kratom Extract Tablets From Amazing Botanicals, Equivalent To OPMS Gold But Only $2 A Tablet! This is Episode 2 of SpaceMarine’s Kratom Reviews presented by Kratom Cafe. In this episode I review OPMS Gold, which is probably the most popular Kratom product in the United States, but simultaneously it is extremely expensive, with each pill costing $10. Further, due to OPMS’ popularity, it is often counterfeited. Indeed, the entire OPMS website is a guide on how to identify counterfeit pills. The specifications on the package indicate that each pill contains 84 mg of Mitragynine, and if...

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The Differences Between Kratom Strain Colors Can Be Explained Using A Stoplight: Red Is Stop, Green Is Go, And White/Yellow Is Inbetween

New Kratom users always ask about the difference between Kratom strain colors. Indeed, 10 years ago when I started Kratom I was curious about the differences between strain colors, and a Kratom veteran told me a concise answer, which is that the Kratom vein colors correspond to a stoplight. Essentially, Green vein means go, Red vein means stop, and Yellow/White is inbetween. To be more specific, Green vein Kratom has more energizing effects, including fatigue relief, articulation, and focus. This makes Green vein Kratom excellent for work or the day time in general. Red vein Kratom has more relaxing...

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Google Is Trashing Kratom’s Reputation By Only Showing Negative Information About Kratom From The FDA And Big Pharma; Kratom Warriors Need To Work Together To Stop Google Censorship

One of the most frustrating things about explaining Kratom to your friends and family is that you can spend a long time telling them your personal Kratom story, in addition to explaining the science which proves that Kratom is safe and effective, and in the end they may still have an anti-Kratom stance, especially since if they Google Kratom a ton of negative information about Kratom comes up. Indeed, below are screenshots of the top page of search results on Google for Kratom. The top search results are from Big Pharma sponsored websites like MayoClinic and WebMD, as well...

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Kratom ‘Legalization’ In Thailand Is Moving Very Slowly And Is Becoming Convoluted, And Thailand Probably Won’t Be Able To Supply Kratom If Indonesia Bans Kratom In 2022

The Indonesian Kratom ban continues to loom ominously in the near future. Indeed, unless the Indonesian Kratom ban law is overturned, Kratom will become illegal in Indonesia on New Year’s Day 2022, which is only 1 year and 2 months from now. If that happens 95% of the United States’ Kratom supply would be cut off, causing a drastic increase in Kratom prices and all sorts of supply outages where Kratom won’t be readily available. One of the primary alternative plans for if Indonesia does ban Kratom in 2022 is Thailand legalizing Kratom. Essentially, Thailand grows a tremendous amount...

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Scientific Study Finds That Kratom Has Anti-Diarrheal Effects On Par With Imodium/Loperamide

It is perhaps well-known among Kratom users that Kratom has the ability to suppress diarrhea. In-fact, this effect of Kratom can be quite miraculous, since Kratom can eliminate an upset GI tract in less than an hour. A scientific study titled ‘Inhibitory effects of kratom leaf extract (Mitragyna speciosa Korth.) on the rat gastrointestinal tract’ sought to determine just how strong Kratom’s anti-diarrheal effects were, and surprisingly, it was found that Kratom has anti-diarrheal effects equivalent to the most popular anti-diarrheal medication, which is Imodium/Loperamide. For this study rats were given castor-oil in order to induce diarrhea, and then...

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